With the background and the details of the formulation of Lifenet's management policy business plan, the following are the major challenges for Lifenet to address.


Reaccelerating of the mid to long term growth of Internet channel

 We aim to reaccelerate the growth of internet channel through initiatives in the two priority areas of “innovation of customer experience” and “enhancement of promotion capabilities” over the mid to long term.
 First, we will continue to invest in adverting and promotion, mainly in TV commercials and online advertising to promote the increase of our brand awareness so that customers can recall Lifenet at the timing of their purchases. 
 Next, we believe that it is important to be able to give our customers, who recognize us, a sense of security in choosing us as the competitive environment becomes more severe. 
Therefore, we will deliver our products and services centered on our value of “Comprehensible, Cost-Competitive, Convenient” to our customers more clearly and will provide products and services that are chosen by customers with focusing on system development and data analysis to improve the customer experience.
 In fiscal 2023, in particular for younger generation, our main customer base, we will promote a sales strategy that goes beyond the promotion domain. Since we commenced our business, our performance has grown with the support of many young customers. In recent years, our performance has grown as an online life insurance company of choice among middle-aged and elderly customers. In order to further increase our scale and improve operating efficiency over the mid to long term, we need to make the foundations for reacceleration of the growth of our inforce business. To achieve this, we aim to increase the performance of the Internet channel by focusing on attracting younger customers, who prefer digital customer experiences. As we mark the 15th anniversary of our business commencement in 2023, we will return to the LIFENET Manifesto and take on the challenge of strengthening customer touchpoints and providing products and services from the perspective of younger customers.

Expanding the online life insurance market through collaboration with partners

 By taking advantage of our unique position as an independent company and the leading company in the online life insurance market, we will actively engage in collaboration with partner companies and aim to expand online life insurance market. With a view to mid to long term growth in the future, in fiscal 2023, we will strengthen our individual insurance businesses with partner companies and our platform businesses, as well as expand new business domain, group credit life insurance businesses.
 As for individual insurance businesses, we aim to increase the contribution to the in-force business performance by focusing on white label businesses. We leverage the broad customer base and brand power of partner companies such as KDDI Corporation and Money Forward, Inc.
 In our platform business, as for “B to C”, we aim to expand the business scale by improving the UIUX of our online insurance agent website provided by LIFENET MIRAI Inc., our subsidiary. We also aim to provide a service for “B to B” customers with the systems and digital tools necessary for the online insurance business by utilizing the functions and know-how of current agent business for “B to C” customer. As part of this, in October 2022, we concluded a business alliance agreement with Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co., Ltd., and start working to realize a digital customer experience. We aim to contribute to the expansion of online life insurance market by building financial services that are even closer to our customers through the interaction of “B to B” and “B to C” business.
 As for our new group credit life insurance business, in July 2023, we will begin offering group credit life insurance to mortgage loan borrowers of au Jibun Bank Corporation. In the current fiscal year, we will steadily launch this business so that it will become a new earnings opportunity. In the future, we will work to establish a stable earnings base with a view to increasing alliance partners.

Strengthening efforts to address human capital to support business growth

 In order to provide customer-friendly products and services and achieve strong growth while responding to the changing environment, we believe that it is important to create better work environment in which employees can play an active role. To that end, we will focus on “value diversity” and “create opportunities for growth”.
 As part of our efforts to become a company that “value diversity,” we aim to create better work environment where employees with diverse knowledge, experience and ideas can play an active role through age-, nationality- and gender-free recruitment. We also aim to create an organization where each employee can work in a healthy, cheerful, and pleasant manner while making most of their personality and respecting each other.
 As part of our efforts to “create opportunities for growth,” we will support the challenge and growth of employees through unique evaluation systems and the provision of opportunities for employees to learn together. We encourage our employees to take on challenges and grow and promote initiatives to link individual growth to organizational growth.