Lifenet formulated its management policy in November 2018 to achieve its stable growth in the future. With the background and the details of the formulation of Lifenet's management policy business plan, the following are the major challenges for Lifenet to address.


Further growth in business performance

 We will aim for growth in business performance through two priority areas stated in the new management policy: “Innovation of customer experience” and “Enhancement of promotion capabilities.”

 We recognize that providing our customers with quality experience is essential for them to continuously choose Lifenet and is a critical element in achieving increased growth. To achieve this, we will endeavor to provide customers with not only products and services, but also to innovate the customer experience by providing more userfriendly processes and administrative procedures. Increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening our relationship with customers by improving each encounter our customers have with us is also essential, and thus we will optimize the data we have gathered through our customers’ actions to improving our website. We will simultaneously work to create a convenient life insurance, which we believe to be fundamental in meeting customer expectations. We will also strive to communicate with our approximately 200,000 existing policyholders, gaining further trust and loyalty.

 In addition, we will strengthen our sales capabilities and strive to generate massive customer traffic. To expand our internet channel, we will continuously air television commercials and engage in other advertising and promotional efforts to further strengthen our brand, and in doing so, increase recognition of Lifenet among potential customers.

 We will also strengthen agent channels and white label sales in order to provide the products and services of Lifenet to an even greater number of customers. Collaboration with existing and new corporate partners, such as KDDI CORPORATION whose customer base we use to provide au life insurance, is an area we will continue to focus on.

Improvement of operating expenses efficiency

 Lifenet will utilize the fact that the life insurance industry is a business with dependable recurring earnings to expand the scale of our business and enable Lifenet to benefit maximally from the merits of scale. We also strive to improve business efficiency by pursuing initiatives aimed at improving productivity company-wide. The use of technology, such as partially automating operations, will aid these efforts. We will continue to invest in operating expenses as we continue to target growth in new business performance in fiscal 2019, focusing on operating expense efficiency, and will always work to maximize the benefits derived from investing in marketing by gathering, managing, and analyzing data on the cost versus the benefits.