Lifenet Insurance was founded with goal of offering simple, comprehensible, cost-competitive, and convenient products and services based on the highest levels of business integrity. This remains a key element of our business today. Guided by these principles, our IR activities are underpinned by the following five commitments:

Open communication

With the active participation of senior management, we will work to secure a fair appraisal of the Lifenet's corporate values, and maintain open dialogue with stakeholders to ensure the interests of shareholders and investors are reflected in IR and in business strategy.


Using the internet, we pledge that our IR will always be simple and comprehensible while constantly driving to increase the volume and quality of our IR information.


Based on the principles of fair disclosure, we will create a framework to ensure that all parties can access the information they need to make an informed investment decision, regardless of status (institutional investor / private investor) or language (Japanese / English).

Long-term perspective

Given the long-term nature of policies in the life insurance business, we will disclose (1) benchmarks unique to our industry such as embedded value and the value of new policies, allowing investors to assess the corporate value of our business, and (2) information that enables investors to understand the value of our intangible assets, such as our brand and people.


Unhindered by existing approaches and customs in the industry, we will constantly work to enhance our IR, both in terms of the information disclosed and the methods of delivery used.

Quiet period

In order to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of financial results and ensure fairness, the company maintains a quiet period for one month prior to the release of financial results until the results are announced. During this period, the company refrains from responding to inquiries or making comments about its financial results. However, during the quiet period, the company may make an announcement as necessary if there is a risk that results could differ materially from previously announced estimates.