Lifenet has yet to determine its specific dividend policies and dates for the start of distributing retained earnings as dividends as we still record cumulative loss and will be prioritizing strengthening our growth base to increase mid to long term profitability. In the future, we will continue to target business expansion and profit generation by implementing measures to increase recognition of the Company, developing new products and services, and effectively utilizing financing for investment in systems and other aspects of the business. In addition to this, the Company will consider implementing measures to provide shareholder return that include payment of dividends from future retained earnings after the company is turning a profit at the ordinary profit level in statutory accounting in the mid-2020s. Lifenet's Articles of Incorporation stipulates that a decision on the distribution of retained earnings as specified in each Item of Paragraph 1, Article 459 of the Companies Act can be made by a resolution of the Board of Directors, except as otherwise determined by law.