Our Approach to Sustainability

We have been operating based on the LIFENET Manifesto (hereinafter “the Manifesto”) of “Comprehensible, Cost-Competitive, Convenient” since starting business in 2008. The Manifesto contains a strong desire to always pursue the provision of products and services from the perspective of our customers without losing the sights of its original purpose – mutual support.

We place importance on the concept of mutual support also in terms of sustainability. We believe that we can contribute to our company’s sustainability by continuing to provide new value for life insurance while cherishing mutual relationships with our customers, partner companies, shareholders, investors, and employees, as well as various stakeholders that forms our society, including future generations.

We aim to realize a sustainable society and increase our corporate value by promoting initiatives to create the future of life insurance by leveraging our strengths as an online life insurance company while placing value on mutual support where roots of life insurance lie.


Identification of Materiality

We have identified materiality (priority issues) that should be addressed over the long term with the aim of achieving a sustainable society and improving corporate value. Under the theme of “Creating the future of the life insurance,” we recognize the following items 1 to 10 as our materiality. We will promote initiatives for our stakeholders, including “customers,” “society” and “employees,” as we continue to enhance “corporate governance,” which is the foundation of our management.

Materiality Identification Process

STEP 1: Extracting issues
Based on the “LIFENET Manifesto” and our Management Policy, we extract issues by referring to the opinions of shareholders and investors, guidelines including the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”), and evaluation criteria of ESG-rating organizations.


STEP 2: Selecting possible material issues
Among the extracted issues, selection for possible materiality is made from two viewpoints: importance to stakeholders and importance to Lifenet.


STEP3: Identifying materiality
Identify materiality through discussions at the Board of Directors and Management Meetings.