1. Business Model—Life insurance×Digital technology

Our business model allows us to hold down costs by utilizing the Internet. Therefore, we maintain strong cost competitiveness by offering coverage with lower premiums.

In addition, it is possible for us to manage digital customer database in all processes and, thus, we can improve the efficiency and quality of customer service by utilizing the customer data. 
Furthermore, our online-based convenience and simple products enable us to collaborate with partners who have a strong brand and an extensive customer platform. By offering these white labelled products featuring the partners’ brand, we can provide our insurance products or services to more customers.

2.Substantial Web Traffic Generated by Online Channel

Through proactive promotion and marketing activities, we attract substantial web traffic by Internet channel. As a result, in-force business has been growing significantly.

3.UI/UX from Customer Perspective

Diverse personnel and unique corporate culture

At Lifenet, our staff empathize with the Lifenet Manifesto and have diverse backgrounds, approximately 60% of them coming from other industries. Our corporate culture, which respects different values and an open workplace, enables employees to take up challenges for developing better customer service and creates competitiveness at Lifenet.

As of June 2023

Stress-free customer experience

This organizations, which are not bound by the conventional wisdom of insurance companies, create superior site performance and enable a stress-free customer experience.
We are striving to provide the convenience that only an online insurance company can provide. We use technology to establish an environment that enables customers to request insurance consultation, apply for insurance, and claim benefits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as it fits into their lifestyles.

※ It is possible to omit the medical certification submission only for medical insurance. The submission is required under certain conditions.


Customer base supported by young generation

Such online-based and frictionless customer experience attracts the younger generation who prefer digital service and ,as a result, our new customers in their 20s to 40s make up about 74% of our policyholder base. As the digital savvy generation is expected to increase in the future, it is one of our strengths that we have already attracted such younger generation in our customer base. We will continue to drive the growth of online life insurance.

1. Lifenet Insurance new customer data (FY2022, N = 98,532) compiled by Lifenet customer survey.
2. Annual statistics on customer age and gender (FY2022) compiled by The Life Insurance Association of Japan. Based on number of new policies.