What is the Lifenet Manifesto?



Before launching the company in May 2008, Founder Haruaki Deguchi and current Chairman Daisuke Iwase had endless discussions over how and what they wanted the company to look like. The Lifenet Manifesto arose from these discussions, and served as an important point of reference for all our officers and employees during our first ten years of operations.


On the cusp of our second decade, we seized the opportunity to revisit our manifesto and fine-tune it for the challenges we perceive ahead.


In line with our new manifesto, we will set out every day to deliver even better products and services for our customers.











Lifenet's IR activities are underpinned by the following five commitments:
Open communication, Comprehensiveness, Fairness, Long-term perspective and Innovativeness. Please see our IR Manifesto.


IR Manifesto



The number of life insurers which started selling long-term disability product has increased. How competitive is your Long-term Disability Hataraku-Hito 2?



In February 2010, we started sales of Long-term Disability Hataraku-Hito.
We launched it for individuals ahead of the life insurance industry, though long-term disability was then unfamiliar to the Japanese market.

We reviewed our product and launched the new product Hataraku-Hito 2 in June 2016 because more detailed requests and proposals have been made to us by customers.

We believe it has high competitive product because it has coverage which reflects the requests and proposals of customers while maintaining reasonable premiums. 








What is the distribution of Lifenet's shareholders?



See below for details on the distribution of share ownership and ten largest shareholders. 


Distribution of Share Ownership

Ten Largets Shareholders







What is the feature of au Life Insurance with Refunds?



au Life Insurance with Refunds is a product dedicated for KDDI CORPORATION sold through the company. The policyholders au Life Insurance with Refunds who are users of au mobile phone will be eligible for monthly refunds of 200 yen for up to 60 months (5 years) as refunds of insurance premium.

au Life Insurance with Refunds includes 5 products; au Term Insurance, au Medical Insurance, au Medical Insurance for Women, au Long-term Disability Insurance and au Cancer Insurance.








Please tell us the disclosure status for Corporate Governance Code.



Lifenet has listed its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market which only needs to explain any non-compliance with the General Principle of the Corporate Governance Code. In terms of enhancing our disclosure, we disclose the principles which are required to be disclosed on Corporate Governance Code.









Can you tell me about the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders?



Based on IR Manifesto, the theme of Lifenet's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is open communication. The specifics are as follows:
⋅ Held on a Sunday afternoon

⋅ Invite policyholders and media

⋅ Disclose securities report before Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (Japanese only)

⋅ Ask for questions in advance

⋅ Deliver convocation notice by e-mail by request

⋅ Post video of the reporting portion of the Meeting report and a summary of the Q&A session on IR website (Japanese only)

See details of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders







What are the demographics of policyholders?



Approximately 80% of our new policyholders are in their 20s, 30s and 40s mainly having families with small children, and this result gets along with our mission; aim to halve insurance premiums for younger generations and to make a society in which people can raise children without financial concern. We are aiming to provide mainly customers who rear children while working with our products and services.


Our Strengths







What is your situation of dividend and return to shareholders?



Lifenet has yet to determine its specific dividend policies and dates for the start of distributing retained earnings as dividends as we still record cumulative loss and will be prioritizing strengthening our growth base to increase mid to long term profitability.

In the future, we will continue to target business expansion and profit generation by implementing measures to increase recognition of the Company, developing new products and services, and effectively utilizing financing for investment in systems and other aspects of the business.

In addition to this, we will consider implementing measures to provide shareholder

return that include payment of dividends from future retained earnings after the company is turning a profit at the ordinary profit level in statutory accounting in the mid-2020s.

Lifenet also states in its Articles of Incorporation that a decision on the distribution of retained earnings can be made by a resolution of the Board of Directors, except as otherwise determined by law.









Can you tell me more about management team?



We feel that diversity is the key to competitiveness, and hence our management team is comprised of various backgrounds with a wide age range of generation from 30s to 60s. In order to ensure an effective corporate governance system that draws on perspectives outside the company, we have appointed four outside directors and two outside auditors respectively to offer objective and neutral advice to the company directors and to monitor business execution.

Management Team

Corporate Governance